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Permanant/Semi Permanant Makeup

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Permanent makeup (or semi-permanent makeup) is a bit different to traditional tattooing though. Traditional body tattoos tend to last forever, where as the pigments for permanent makeup will slowly fade throughout the years, generally lasting up to three years or so. This is the case in most people (although there are always exceptions).

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Beauty Spot

This fast-acting, invisible gel penetrates spots, shrinking them within 4 hours. 2% salicylic acid exfoliates the surface of the skin, clearing out excess oil and bacteria deep within pores, reduces redness.

BB Glow treatment

The struggle against fine lines, uneven skin tone, and breakouts can appear to be a never-ending battle, but it’s one we all struggle with. age, hormones, our diet, uv rays and more can all impact the health and vibrancy of our skin.