RIYAANZ AESTHETIC is up with ADVANCE LIP EMBROIDERY. Lips are the foremost essential feature of the face because they provide the face better frame and shape. The facial parts of the eyes, nose, lips all depend on each other. With other parts of the face, lips also are enhanced great thing about your face. Lip embroidery helps to make a more youthful form and does not hold the risks that are with permanent makeup. Not everyone is born with perfect and luscious lips.

Nowadays semipermanent makeup helps you to give an attractive look like a natural beauty without having to put on any real makeup. Lip embroidery is like eyebrow embroidery. It is a well-liked technique that is employed to offer perfect and desired shape to lips. It is a form of semipermanent makeup that is used to repair the lips of persons who have suffered extreme pigmentation.


  • It helps to enhance the natural color of the glossy lips. This type of embroidery can eliminate the utilization of lip liner pencils to stipulate, fill-in and reshape

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