The word “Mesotherapy” means treatment that stimulates mesoderm. This leads to more efficiency of drugs with the least side effects. Mesotherapy also gives the opportunity to combine two or three active medications in a single injection.

How it is done?

Using a very tiny needle (0.4 to 0.6 cm or the size of an eyelash), the medication is injected into the mesoderm painlessly. Sometimes the technique of “multi-pricking” is used, where a number of swift, painless injections are concentrated in a specific area. Although “multi-pricking” can be done by hand, we at Riyaanz Aesthetics offer a mechanical delivery system with a device called Mesogun that delivers the medicine in a more accurate fashion with even less discomfort to the patient.

Uses in Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Medicine

  • Body Contouring.
  • Cellulite Reduction.
  • Hair Restoration.
  • Face & Neck Rejuvenation.
  • Facial Pigmentation.
  • Eye bags.
  • Double Chin.
Body Contouring:

Contouring of the abdomen, arms, back, legs, and total body can be obtained with Mesotherapy. Lipodissolve agents are used to removing areas of fat by block the internal signal of fat uptake, trigger fat release improve circulation, and burn energy, while vitamins and amino acids are used to tighten sagging skin, restore a more youthful and athletic appearance.

Many patients develop unevenness, divots, or lumps after undergoing liposuction. These areas can be successfully treated with Mesotherapy. The scar tissue that forms under the skin after liposuction is directly targeted and dissolved. Patients see and feel smoothing of divots and lumps, and the unevenness resolves.

Cellulite Reduction:

The medical term for cellulite is “dermatomyoliposclerosis”. Cellulite affects the majority of women over 20. It is caused by poor circulation, fat herniation weakening of connective tissue, lymphatic congestion, and hormonal imbalance. Cellulite is not a disease of overweight. It appears in the subcutaneous level of skin tissue. Fat cells are arranged in chambers surrounded by connective tissue called septae. As water retained, fat cells held within the perimeters of this area expand and stretch the connective tissue. Eventually this connective tissue contracts and hardens (sclerosis) holding the skin at a non-flexible length, while the surrounding tissue continues to expand with weight or water gain. This results in areas of the skin being held down while other sections bulge outward, resulting in a lumpy, orange peel appearance.

Mesotherapy treatment is targeted to correct these problems by improving circulation, strengthening, and connective tissues, remove fibrotic & hardening connective tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, and dissolve excess fat.

Hair Restoration:

Hair loss affects both men and women. It results from poor circulation, nutritional imbalances, and in men, the excess of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone) Mesotherapy can correct these problems, by stimulating the scalp to naturally grow the lost hair.

Face and neck rejuvenation / mesolift:

Aging, Sagging and Wrinkling of the skin occur from accumulation of fat, loss of skin elasticity, and excessive free radical damage. Infusing potent antioxidants and amino acids by mesotherapy into the dermis at the level of contact with the cellular matrix can reverse free radical damage, and tightening the loose skin. It can rejuvenate and revitalize the skin of the face and neck without the unnatural appearance and downtime recovery period.

People who have had a “Mesolift” describe their skin as firm, radiant, youthful, and glowing. The Mesolift is usually performed in an initial series of 2-4 treatments spaced a week apart. Results are maintained by twice a year touch up sessions.

Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation is a wonderful complement to any of the other skin treatments we offer including, photo rejuvenation, chemical peels, BOTOX, and dermal fillers. But it also stands on its own as a powerful anti-aging therapy.

Facial Pigmentation:

Facial pigmentation like Melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation (following aggressive treatment with chemical and Lasers), Black discoloration around eyes, and pigmentation due to sun damage can be effectively controlled by using specific mesotherapy solutions. The effect of these medicines is virtually dramatic.

Double Chin:

Infection lipolysis by mesotherapy using different fat dissolve solution treats double chin effectively. The results are very quick in these cases since the area to be treated is small. The combination of medicaments to tighten the skin together with the lipolysis agent further complements the treatment.